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Tongits Plus – Card Game

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Free download Tongits Plus - Card Game apk 2.2.0 latest version for android Smartphone.



Tongits Plus – Card Game APK File Free Download

Download the Tongits Plus – Card Game apk 2.2.0 latest version apk file free for Android. Tongits Plus – Card Game is the most popular Card game in the virtual world. You can also direct download the free apk file in here. Not found any viruses or Malware if you have installed the apk file or apps on your Android mobile from here. Is the Tongits Plus – Card Game apps problem installation in the google play store? You also try on this website.

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Tongits Plus – Card Game apk Download free for Android

Are you looking for a free android apk file or apps on your mobile device? Don’t wary I will provide a Direct Download link to Tongits Plus – Card Game apk Download free for Android application mobile devices. You can one-click Download apk instant super first download if your internet connection is first you get your APK file.

Tongits Plus - Card Game apk Free Download

Tongits Plus – Card Game Specific features

Most Popular Filipino Card Game Tongits with Offline & Hotspot Multiplayer mode.

Tong-its is the most exciting three player rummy game that has become popular in the northern Philippines in recent years.

Hot-spot Multiplayer Tongits Game. Play with your friends without internet.

The Most Popular Filipino card game now with multiplayer and offline mode.

You can create table by yourself and play with your loved ones in Tongits Multiplayer.

Play Pinoy or Pusoy Card Game and get 50,000 FREE COINS.

Awesome Features for the Best Tongits – Offline Gaming

✔ Challenging Artificial Intelligence.

✔ Statistics.

✔ Update Profile Picture & update Username.

✔ Select Room of particular bet amount.

✔ Game settings includes i)Animation speed ii)Sounds iii)Vibrations.

✔ Manually rearrange cards or auto sort.

✔ Daily Bonus.

✔ Hourly Bonus

✔ Level Up Bonus.

✔ Get Free Coins by Inviting Friends.

✔ Leader board.

✔ Customized Rooms

✔ Simple tutorial to help beginners get in the game fast.

Players & Cards

Tong-Its is a game for three players only, using one standard Anglo-American deck of 52 cards (without jokers). The cards in each suit rank: Ace 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Jack Queen King. An Ace is worth 1 point, Jacks, Queens and Kings are worth 10 points each, and all other cards count their face value.


The object of the game is, by drawing and discarding, to form sets and runs, and to to minimize the count of unmatched cards remaining in your hand.

A run consists of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit, such as ♥4, ♥5, ♥6 or ♠8, ♠9, ♠10, ♠J. (A-K-Q of a suit is not a run since aces are low in this game).

A set consists of three or four cards of the same rank, such as ♥7, ♣7, ♦7. A card can belong to only one combination at a time – you cannot use the same card as part of both a set and a run.

The Deal

The first dealer is chosen randomly. Thereafter the dealer is the winner of the previous hand. The cards are dealt one at a time counterclockwise, starting with the dealer: thirteen cards to the dealer and twelve cards to each of the other players. The remainder of the deck is placed face down to form the stock.

The Play

Each turn consists of the following:

Draw You must begin by taking one card from either the top of the stock or the top card on the discard pile, and adding it to your hand. You may only take a card from the discard pile if you are able to create a meld (a set or run) with it, and you are then obliged to expose the meld.

Exposing Melds If you have a valid meld or melds (sets or runs) in your hand you can expose any of them on the table in front of you. Melding is optional if a card was taken from the stock; you are not obliged to expose a meld just because you can, and note that melds held in hand do not count against you at the end of the play. A player must lay at least one meld on the table for the hand to be considered opened. In the special case that you can meld a set of four and you have not drawn from the discard pile to complete the meld, you can lay the set of four down face down. By doing this you can “open” your hand without losing the bonus payments for a secret set of 4 and without revealing the cards to the other players.

Laying off (sapaw) This is also optional. If you wish, you may add cards to sets or runs previously melded by yourself or others. There is no limit to the number of cards a player may lay off in one turn. A player need not have opened their hand to lay off. Laying a card off on another player’s exposed meld prevents that player from calling Draw on his or her next turn.

Discard At the end of your turn, one card must be discarded from your hand and placed on top of the discard pile face up.

Contact Us

To report any kind of issues with Tongits Plus, share your feedback and tell us how we can improve.



What’s New in the Latest Version 2.2.0
Last updated on Mar 13, 2023

+now experience tong-its game with better features and options.
+added various options across the game.
+added new reward system.
+performance improvements.
+added Chinese Poker (Pusoy – 13 cards) game.
+added Big 2 (Pusoy dos) game.

How to install the Tongits Plus – Card Game app in the google play store

You can easily install your mobile device Tongits Plus – Card Game app or apk file using a simple step. Here is published how to install Tongits Plus – Card Game apk file or apps using the google play store with your Android mobile smartphone or tablet. You can follow step by step guide. If you follow step by step guide, I think you complete the install Tongits Plus – Card Game apps or apk file to your mobile phone.

🙫 First, need your mobile device & internet connection.
🙫 Next on your mobile phone, open google play store.
🙫 Then search Tongits Plus – Card Game game in google play store.
🙫 Then you can see the install button on your mobile device.
🙫 Then click the install button.
🙫 If your mobile connects through the internet.
🙫 Now start to download the apk file.
🙫 Then complete connecting with apk file download.
🙫 Then auto-install Tongits Plus – Card Game game to your mobile phone.

If you do have not an internet connection, you can install the Tongits Plus – Card Game application on your mobile phone. But need to your Tongits Plus – Card Game application apk file in your mobile device. It is here published now. How to install the Tongits Plus – Card Game application without an internet connection in your mobile device. Follow the step-by-step guide. I think you can completely set up the game Tongits Plus – Card Game on your mobile device.

How to install Tongits Plus – Card Game apps without an Internet connection

• First Need your mobile device with a Tongits Plus – Card Game apk file.
• Then go to your mobile phone file manager when your apk file there.
• Then tap to double-click apk file.
• Then you can see the install button.
• Now click the install Button.
• Wait some time, until installed.
• If your apk file, not a virus or any malware.
• Then, successfully set up your mobile device Tongits Plus – Card Game game.
• But you can play this game must need an internet connection, you cannot play the Tongits Plus – Card Game game on your mobile device.

Then a good idea collects about the Tongits Plus – Card Game apk Download game. When you good idea for every game I think you can play well and smoothly. Otherwise, you cannot play this game. When you play another game the first time check all the information. How to play this game. Also, follow all guidelines and rules on playing the game. I think you can well result in every game on your mobile device.


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