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Free download Chessis: Chess Analysis apk 9.1 latest version for android Smartphone.



Chessis: Chess Analysis APK File Free Download

Download the Chessis: Chess Analysis apk 9.1 latest version apk file free for Android. Chessis: Chess Analysis is the most popular Board game in the virtual world. You can also direct download the free apk file in here. Not found any viruses or Malware if you have installed the apk file or apps on your Android mobile from here. Is the Chessis: Chess Analysis apps problem installation in the google play store? You also try on this website.

I think you get a better result. You also direct download apk file and store in your device like a smartphone, tablet, or computer, or you directly installed the apps on our website. Also, you can first Chessis: Chess Analysis apk download and save your time and install your Android mobile Chessis: Chess Analysis.

Chessis: Chess Analysis apk Download free for Android

Are you looking for a free android apk file or apps on your mobile device? Don’t wary I will provide a Direct Download link to Chessis: Chess Analysis apk Download free for Android application mobile devices. You can one-click Download apk instant super first download if your internet connection is first you get your APK file.

Chessis Chess Analysis apk Download

Chessis: Chess Analysis Specific features

Play and analyze chess games! Detect mistakes, blunders and Improve your chess

ChessIs is a Chess Analysis app that allows you to

✔️ Analyze your games and get game reports

✔️ Analyze chess positions with Stockfish Engine

✔️ Detect Blunders, Mistakes, Missed Wins, Best Moves, etc

✔️ Play chess against Computer according to your level.

✔️ Setup Board Positions (Board Editor) and analyze them

✔️ Open Pgn files (PGN Viewer)

✔️ Get blunder alerts and learn why it was a blunder

✔️ Add multiple engine lines

✔️ Play engine lines

✔️ Customize board color and pieces

✔️Analyze your chess games from or Lichess

✔️ Export Annotated Pgn

✔️ Adjust “Game Report Depth”

✔️ Chess960

✔️ Games database with the ability to search fen in games

✔️ Add Oex engines

✔️ Change Engines settings like hash value and threads

✔️ List of all chess openings to explore

✔️ Play chess on the clock or set engine think time

✔️ Avg CPL on game reports

✔️Analyze games on either time or depth

✔️Show Threats

✔️Accuracy %

✔️ Threats

✔️ Draw Arrows on the board

ChessIs is one of the best Chess Analyzer apps. It helps you to improve your chess by analyzing your games and providing you with game reports which contain Blunders, Missed Wins, Best Moves, etc. It not only tells you where you made a blunder but also tells why that was a blunder.

To support the app we offer a Pro version with some extra benefits.

Most features of the app are free but you get some extra benefits with the Pro version:

✔️ Play/Show “Why Blunder” Line

✔️ Play Engine Lines

✔️ Enable NNUE

✔️Add unlimited engine lines

✔️ Adjust “Game Report Depth”

✔️ Adjust “Game Report Time”

✔️ Deep Analysis

✔️ While Playing show each move’s strength

✔️ While Playing get a mistakes alert as well

✔️ No Ads

✔️ Analyze unlimited games forever!

✔️ Key Elements

Note: Deep analysis provides much more accurate and consistent results compare to quick analysis.

So Let’s Analyze Chess with the ChessIs app!!!

You can expect lots of improvements and new features in the future! If you have any suggestions or need help, please feel free to email me at, Thank you:)

What’s New in the Latest Version 9.1
Last updated on Jul 15, 2023

✅ Bug fixes

How to install the Chessis: Chess Analysis app in the google play store

You can easily install your mobile device Chessis: Chess Analysis app or apk file using a simple step. Here is published how to install Chessis: Chess Analysis apk file or apps using the google play store with your Android mobile smartphone or tablet. You can follow step by step guide. If you follow step by step guide, I think you complete the install Chessis: Chess Analysis apps or apk file to your mobile phone.

🙫 First, need your mobile device & internet connection.
🙫 Next on your mobile phone, open google play store.
🙫 Then search Chessis: Chess Analysis game in google play store.
🙫 Then you can see the install button on your mobile device.
🙫 Then click the install button.
🙫 If your mobile connects through the internet.
🙫 Now start to download the apk file.
🙫 Then complete connecting with apk file download.
🙫 Then auto-install Chessis: Chess Analysis game to your mobile phone.

If you do have not an internet connection, you can install the Chessis: Chess Analysis application on your mobile phone. But need to your Chessis: Chess Analysis application apk file in your mobile device. It is here published now. How to install the Chessis: Chess Analysis application without an internet connection in your mobile device. Follow the step-by-step guide. I think you can completely set up the game Chessis: Chess Analysis on your mobile device.

How to install Chessis: Chess Analysis apps without an Internet connection

• First Need your mobile device with a Chessis: Chess Analysis apk file.
• Then go to your mobile phone file manager when your apk file there.
• Then tap to double-click apk file.
• Then you can see the install button.
• Now click the install Button.
• Wait some time, until installed.
• If your apk file, not a virus or any malware.
• Then, successfully set up your mobile device Chessis: Chess Analysis game.
• But you can play this game must need an internet connection, you cannot play the Chessis: Chess Analysis game on your mobile device.

Then a good idea collects about the Chessis: Chess Analysis apk Download game. When you good idea for every game I think you can play well and smoothly. Otherwise, you cannot play this game. When you play another game the first time check all the information. How to play this game. Also, follow all guidelines and rules on playing the game. I think you can well result in every game on your mobile device.


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